Mendocino and Other Stories

“Precisely observed….Packer has a knack for rendering with economy and eloquence those rare interludes of grace that come upon her characters unannounced.”
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—The New York Times Book Review

“Well crafted….Packer’s real strength is her slightly skewed vision and sharp eye for detail that reveal the cracks and fissures in the most ordinary of lives, loves and losses.”

—The Washington Post Book World

“Her writing is graceful and effortless, yet as controlled and purposeful as a nest-building bird.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“Instantly captivating….[Packer]finds a compassionate balance between her characters’ folly and fortitude.”

—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Consistently engaging….Packer [has an] uncanny ability to hold back until the perfect moment and then reveal the deepest heart of her characters.”

—Los Angeles Times Book Review