‘Molten’ Playlist

“Molten” is about a woman grieving the loss of her teenage son. How does she hold onto him? By listening to his music, which is decidedly not suburban mom fare.

Here are the songs that get her through the day.

“Save Your Generation” (Jawbreaker, Dear You)
“Fireman” (Jawbreaker, Dear You)
“Your Phone’s Off the Hook, But You’re Not” (X, Los Angeles)
“Where Is My Mind?” (The Pixies, Surfer Rosa)
“Tame” (The Pixies, Doolittle)
“Trashman in Furs” (The Geraldine Fibbers, Butch)
“Swim Back to Me” (The Geraldine Fibbers, Butch)
“Add It Up” (Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes)
“Candy Says” (The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground)
“Without a Trace” (Soul Asylum, Grave Dancers Union)